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Sword Daughter Icon

a Hanabira production

Original story by:
Rhondi Vilott

All your life, you dream of adventure: knights, dragons, magic rings, chests of gold, and all the danger and glory that awaits a professional swordswoman. But every dream has a cost. You are on your way across the desert wastes to compete in the Warrior Games when your caravan is attacked. Orcs and bandits murder your father, capture your companions, and leave you for dead.

Now alone in the world, will you choose to seek glory, vengeance, treasure... or love?

In this licensed adaptation of an original 1980s fantasy gamebook, your choices will lead to one of 22 different endings!

Sword Daughter Tyrna
A young heroine
Sword Daughter Gavin
A stern elven ranger
Sword Daughter Loric
A dispossessed prince
Sword Daughter Kolroth
A mad wizard
Sword Daughter Ranth
A friendly tribesman

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Sword Daughter Orcs Attack
Face dangerous battles
Sword Daughter Gavin Elf Tyrna
Find allies for your quest
Sword Daughter Mad Wizard Kolroth
Choose wisely
Sword Daughter Water Beetle
... but watch out for monsters!

System Requirements

Windows: XP or later
Macintosh: 64-bit Intel running OS X 10.6 or higher
Linux: 32-bit compatibility libraries
HDD Storage Required: 120 MB

'Sword Daughter' is a Hanabira game product, which means that the story was not originally written by Hanako Games. The source text is used under license from its original author.

This game contains fantasy violence and romance and is intended for players age 10 and up.

(c) Hanako Games, 2014