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April-01-2010: OUT OF OFFICE for the next week. Support emails will not be answered during this time! Fellow players may be able to assist you on the forums.

February-01-2010: New dating (and gardening!) simulation, The Flower Shop, is now available!

January-26-2010: OUT OF OFFICE for the next week. Support emails will not be answered during this time! Fellow players may be able to assist you on the forums.

December-22-2009: Spirited Heart Deluxe version now available! This upgrade adds some new endings, characters, and a minigame. Existing customers can redownload to get the new version; if you haven't bought it yet, then get the demo!

December-13-2009: A new contest to win a free copy of Cute Knight Kingdom for Christmas.

December-05-2009: New visual novel Heileen 2 - The Hands of Fate is now available for PC, Mac and Linux!

November-23-2009: We're back!

November-19-2009: OUT OF OFFICE until next week. Support requests will not be answered for a few days!

November-13-2009: Big news!

Cute Knight Kingdom is now available!

May-08-2009: If you haven't been to the forums lately, you may have missed a couple of cute new games:

    Wandering Willows Design your own avatar, charm cute fantasy pets and have them dig up treasures for you, which you can combine to craft food and clothing.

November-07-2009: A new affiliate RPG has been added to the Links page - The Three Musketeers! This game is also available for Mac.

October-03-2009: As well as the forum section, there's a new page up for Mac and Linux games to make them easier to find.

September-24-2009: A new affiliate visual novel to download - The Stolen Diamond Ring! Can you solve the mystery?

September-03-2009: The latest entry in the Aveyond series has been added - Gates of Night!

August-31-2009: Out of office! Messages sent to Support may not be answered for the next week or so.

August-18-2009: Opening a preview page for Cute Knight Kingdom. The code is generally complete, the art is still being done, the game should be out by the end of the year.

July-29-2009: Freshening things up a little! Moving the Aveyond series to be all on one page, adding another page for general console-style RPGs, adding Bionic Heart to the game listings, and changing some of the games available on the Game Links page.

June-30-2009: The latest entry in the Aveyond series is now available - Lord of Twilight!

We've also announced a contest to win a free copy of Science Girls! by designing your own scientific superhero.

June-18-2009: There's a review of Science Girls! up at GameTunnel.

June-10-2009: A new cute affiliate game - Faerie Solitaire. Something has gone wrong in the fantasy world and only you can save the fairies... Lovely graphics, voice acting, pets to collect and more. Give the demo a try!

May-28-2009: Science Girls! is now available!

April-13-2009: An exciting new game on offer! In Spirited Heart, you can choose to play either a human, elf, or demon girl, then train your skills through jobs and classes and possibly meet six different boys to have relationships with... Get the demo now!

March-05-2009: A couple of new affiliate games for you! First, Three Stars of Destiny, which is a console-style RPG like Aveyond or Eternal Eden. You can download a free trial here.

We also have an exciting new visual novel download to offer, which is available for both PC and Macintosh computers. Yo-Jin-Bo, the story of a schoolgirl sent back in time to feudal Japan to try and prevent a murder (and find romance!). This is a BIG game (full CD size with voice acting) and there is no free trial, only the full download. But you can find out more about it and see lots of pictures by clicking here.

February-25-2009: You can now download the trial for Twinkle Toes Skating at Big Fish Games!

February-11-2009: Teaser page for upcoming RPG Science Girls.

January-12-2009: New! If you enjoy classic computer RPGs, try out the demo for Eschalon! Choose your class and alignment and wander out into a world with plenty of decisions to make. Will you be a hero or a villain?

We've also added a special forum section for Mac and Linux games, so that users of those computer systems can find new stuff to play.

December-18-2008: New games! If you enjoy console-style RPGs like Aveyond, try out the new demo for Eternal Eden!

We've also cleaned up the Console Games page a bit, removing some no-longer-available titles and adding an exciting dancing game for the Nintendo DS.

December-09-2008: If you're looking for that Christmas wallpaper, it can be found on the Download Extras page.

November-20-2008: Out of office until next week, support emails will be delayed.

November-03-2008: Fixing some bugs with the Mac/Linux versions. Please report any problems you encounter!!

October-27-2008: The first Linux and Macintosh Cute Knight Deluxe builds are available! Please report any problems you encounter to support or on the forums!

October-19-2008: New affiliate game Heileen is now available. Play a young woman seeking her fortune at sea in this anime adventure.

October-14-2008: If you've been keeping an eye on our Links page, you may have noticed some new titles, like Kudos 2, a social life simulation where you have to balance going out with your friends against studying and advancing your career. Give it a try!

September-30-2008: We're working on a possible Mac release of Cute Knight... for more details on that, or to volunteer to test, see the forums. In related news, the price for Cute Knight Deluxe is coming down to $19.95!

In unrelated news, keep your eyes peeled for updates on Twinkle Toes Skating, that figure skating game we've been whispering about...

August-13-2008: Summer Schoolgirls and Classroom Chaos have now been updated for Vista compatibility. Please report any problems you encounter.

July-18-2008: New dating sim Summer Session is now available! (Of course, if you're a newsletter subscriber, you already knew that, and got special discounts too!)

May-23-2008: Announcing the Summer Romance Competition! Win Fatal Hearts free! Visit the forums for more information.

Apr-22-2008: Looking for more dating games to play? Visit nummyz.com for some fun free flash games! (Dressup ones too.)

Mar-20-2008: Yes, things have been quiet lately. You can find out more about what we're working on in the Hanako Secrets part of the forum. In the meantime, a few new things have been added to the Other Games page to keep you busy.

If you have any interest in dollmakers, do try out Jojo's Fashion Show. It's surprisingly addictive! And the different kinds of clothes are varied enough that even if you're not into mainstream fashion, you can put together cute outfits.

Jan-31-2008: We've updated the old link buttons page, so if you want to link to this site, please do!

Jan-28-2008: Aveyond 2 is now available for download from Hanako Games! (And, while we're at it, we finally got around to updating the screenshots for the original Aveyond, since the game has had a graphical update since we first posted it!)

Jan-22-2008: Nope, no new games. I'm posting here to talk about CANDY. Most of you are probably already familiar with Pocky. I used to like Pocky more than I do now, I think it's that now I'm used to higher-quality chocolate, so the Pocky doesn't taste as nice. Still, it's fun to bite. Here are some things I like that you might not be so familiar with:

    Meltykiss - This is a cube of very soft chocolate with a light sprinkling of chocolate powder or sugar around the outside. They come in many flavors - I think the first one I had was a winter special White Chocolate. They don't quite melt in your mouth, but they're very soft, so they practically dissolve when you bite them. Yum.

    Black Sugar Caramel - Do you like good, rich American gingerbread? The soft kind, not the hard cookies? This tastes a little like that. It's molassesy and chewy and delicious.

So if you're looking for a special Valentine's treat, why not look into some unusual candies? (And maybe a copy of Fatal Hearts too?)

Dec-18-2007: Happy Holidays! Our Christmas Wallpaper is back up, and there's a Holiday Fanart Contest going on on the forums!

There's also a big sale on downloadable adventure games from now until Christmas. Use the special code 'SAVEFORTY' to get 40% off on the following adventure games for Christmas: Agatha Christie | Journey to the Center of the Earth | Law and Order | Nancy Drew | Safecracker | Voyage to the Moon

Dec-10-2007: Vote for Fatal Hearts as the Independent Game of the Year! Also, if you've ever wanted a Cute Knight T-shirt we've got a design up on CafePress.

Dec-1-2007: A new demo for Fatal Hearts is up, adding more Sparkly Bits to the search puzzles. Also, we're announcing a Christmas fanart contest - win free games!

Nov-10-2007: We will be away at a gaming convention from the 15th to the 20th of November. Support emails will not be answered in this time. If you need help with anything, try asking fellow players on the Hanako Forums in the meantime. The forums are also a good place to look if you need hints for puzzles or a Fatal Hearts walkthrough!

Oct-31-2007: Happy Halloween!

If you haven't got Fatal Hearts yet, the demo has been updated with a new first puzzle and more hints to help you through. Enjoy!

Oct-25-2007: As announced on Gamezebo, our upcoming figure-skating game was awarded first place at the Innovate 2007 competition! This game is still in development and no release date has been set.

Oct-24-2007: Tada! Fatal Hearts is now on sale! Check out the demo, and feel free to discuss it on the forums (which may be moving soon - keep an eye on this space!)

Sep-07-2007: Still hard at work and still expecting Fatal Hearts to be done by Halloween. In the meantime, we've added a couple of adventure games to the Links section to keep you busy.

When Fatal Hearts is released there will be special game discounts announced to newsletter subscribers only. So if you want to get the best deals, sign up!

Aug-13-2007: We've been pretty quiet lately because we're busy behind the scenes... Cute Knight Deluxe is available in selected stores across America now - for the rest of the world, get it here! Fatal Hearts is still in development and we are hoping it will be ready by Halloween.

In the meantime, if you need a new game to play, here's something cute - Emerald Tale - a friendly fantasy game where you collect treasures and gems while matching or blowing up colored blocks. No cute anime girls, unfortunately, but it's very relaxing and we had fun playing it.

May-21-2007: New Legacy Games Bundle - purchase Charm School and Pentagraph together for less than $20!

New wallpaper for Fatal Hearts is posted in the download section.

Don't forget to visit the Hanako Games Forum for news and contests!

Apr-29-2007: We will be out of the office for the month of May. Support emails will still be answered but with a delay, and we may not be able to offer as much assistance as normal during this time period.

Apr-14-2007: Cute Knight Deluxe is now available for full download purchase. Also, as promised, there is a fan contest to win free copies of Deluxe!

Apr-04-2007: The first Cute Knight Deluxe upgrades are now available! To upgrade your already-purchased copy of Cute Knight to Deluxe for only $5, please forward a copy of your order receipt to support at hanakogames.com in order to receive a custom purchase URL. This special offer is available ONLY for those who have purchased Cute Knight through Hanako Games.

Mar-24-2007: New wallpaper in the Downloads section. Cute Knight Deluxe is almost complete and will be made available first as an upgrade to people who have bought the original game. So find your receipts and be ready!

Mar-10-2007: Vista Update - Cute Knight demo and full versions have been updated for compatibility with Windows Vista. If you have previously bought the game and need a new version, please contact support with a copy of your purchase receipt. If you encounter any difficulties running the new program or demos under Vista, please contact support right away so we can fix it!

Mar-06-2007: New wallpaper in the Downloads section.

Jan-09-2007: We are pleased to announce that Cute Knight Deluxe should be available in stores starting in April! This new CD version will include:

  • New Items, Weapons, and Armor
  • New Secrets
  • A revamped Wizard's Challenge
  • All-New Monster Graphics
  • All-New Ending Graphics

Dec-27-2006: Happy Holidays to all! We're trying out a newsletter service to help visitors find out about our latest games as soon as they are released. To subscribe, visit Hanako Games News at Yahoo Groups. You can unsubscribe at any time.

And what news do we have for you? Well, we can't tell you just yet, but there are big plans in store for Cute Knight... In the meantime, check out Dragon Fable and Adventure Quest to get your anime RPG fix!

Dec-09-2006: We've put our Christmas anime wallpaper back up in the downloads section. Also, Cute Knight has been rated one of the Top 10 Games of 2006 at ArcadeTown!

Nov-21-2006: If you're a fan of life simulation games there's a new one for you to try - Kudos! Manage your job and your friendships to try and raise your popularity and your station in life. Don't forget to clean the house, feed your pet, and study for a better career. Careful, it can be hard...

Nov-16-2006: One of our beta testers has put up a Cute Knight Fansite where you can find item lists, crafting recipes, and other tips. If you have your own fansite you'd like us to mention, email cuteknightfan at hanakogames.com and let us know!

Nov-09-2006: Summer Schoolgirls is updated to 1.1. This is a graphics change only. If you have an older copy and prefer the look of the new graphics, you can get the new version by forwarding your order receipt email to support. Your old saved games may not work with the new version.

Nov-02-2006: If you've been stumped trying to reach all the endings, GameZebo has now posted a Cute Knight Walkthrough. This guide describes all the endings and gives tips on how to get them. This includes BIG SPOILERS so don't read it if you haven't already played the game a lot!

Oct-28-2006: New Cute Knight wallpaper added to the download section.

Oct-16-2006: Cute Knight has been upgraded to version 1.2. New purchases automatically contain the new version. If you purchased before this date and want to upgrade, please forward a copy of your order receipt email to support. Only purchases made through Hanako Games directly can be upgraded. Your old saved games may not work with the new version.

Oct-06-2006: Looking for more games to tide you over while Fatal Hearts is in development? Here's a few suggestions we have for you:

  • Fairies - This is a gorgeous puzzle game where you move around shiny jars filled with sparkling fairies to unlock fantasy artwork. A great way to relax.

  • Eets - The cute little Eets just wants to munch things. Feed him different marshmallows to change his personality and watch him bounce all over the screen!

  • Ciao Bella - If you enjoyed Summer Schoolgirls, here's another game about making choices and managing relationships. Can you keep Elena and her boyfriend happy?

Sep-29-2006: New! Special bundle discounts are now available!

Buy both Schoolgirl Games together - Classroom Chaos and Summer Schoolgirls - and save $5!

Buy all three Fantasy Games together - Charm School, Pentagraph, and Cute Knight - and save $13.50!

This is a great way to get all the games and save money.

Sep-12-2006: We will be out of the office for most of the month of September. Therefore, we may not be able to answer support emails in this time.

In the meantime, if you're looking for something new to interest you, take a look at the customisable Pinky Street dolls - you can mix and match their parts to create your own character like in an RPG!

Jul-24-2006: Fan of vampires, lolita fashion, and gothic romance? Our upcoming adventure is still under development, but in the meantime, check out AnimaMundi in the Console Games section! This is a DARK game featuring blood, violence, and some yaoi.

Apr-04-2006:If you're curious about Ever 17, you can download this free demo for a sample of the gameplay!

Mar-23-2006: We are pleased to present a new full-length anime RPG - Aveyond!

Mar-14-2006: Happy White Day! Looking for a wacky game-related gift? Take a look at these Final Fantasy Potions!

Jan-14-2006: Added some new games over in the console section. In particular, the long awaited Ever 17 is now available!

Dec-29-2005: The nice folks over at Game Tunnel have voted Cute Knight the Independent RPG of the year! Now that the year is wrapping up, take a look at all the games they have on review there - plenty of fun things to play that you might not have heard of before.

Dec-14-2005: In celebration of the holiday season, we've put up a new Christmas wallpaper for you in the downloads section!

Nov-6-2005: Paypal buttons back online.

Oct-29-2005: Paypal ordering systems temporarily offline due to relocation. Please do not send Paypal orders while this message is posted, as we may not be able to respond to them in a timely manner. The links should be restored in a week or so.

Oct-13-2005: Shh! It's a secret! Don't tell anyone... but we've put Kishi Kawaii on sale! Get it while you can! - Also, we've added Ai Yori Aoshi to the console games page!

Sept-20-2005: The list of entrants for the Independent Games Festival is now online. Why is this on our news page? Because we're in it!

Sept-15-2005: A new toy for you: the Cute Knight Doll Maker! Create your own anime character and keep an eye out for Kishi Kawaii!

July-15-2005: Announcing the Summer Schoolgirls Fanart Contest! Show us your art and win cool prizes!

July-13-2005: Time for another silly quiz! Which Anime Schoolgirl are you?

June-18-2005: Summer Schoolgirls is now on sale! We apologise for the problem delivering the earliest orders. Hopefully those issues have all been resolved now. If there are any further difficulties, please contact us!

June-16-2005: The first look at the Summer Schoolgirls demo is now available! The full game is not quite on sale yet but it should be following shortly. Keep your eye on us!

May-08-2005: To keep you busy while Cute Knight and Summer Schoolgirls are in production, we have added new links to J-List, a site where you can buy all kinds of things from Japan. Check out a wide range of toys and anime products, candy and snacks (including Pocky), Hello Kitty merchandise, and enough wacky stuff to keep you tied up for months! (Although we hope we'll have some news for you sooner than that...)

Feb-27-2005: Our latest game is proceeding well but is not finished yet... If you want to sneak a secret peek at what's in store, check out our new page dedicated to the anime girls of Hanako Games.

Feb-02-2005: No emails will be answered this week while maintainer is on vacation. New game is under development and should be available soon!

Jan-06-2005: New game available on CD in Console Games - Day of Love.

Nov-13-2004: Two new titles added to the Console Games section - Hourglass of Summer and Witch's Tea Party. Both of these can be played on any DVD player, no computer required! Also, visit our new affiliates page to learn how to make money offering anime games on your website.

Sept-28-2004: New version of Classroom Chaos online. This version increases play speed and adds some content.

Sept-24-2004: Goblin Garden is now freeware!

Sept-01-2004: Unleash the power of fives! Pentagraph is now $5 off!

July-23-2004: First release of Pentagraph!

June-24-2004: As an experiment, we are now offering a few classic anime console games for sale, in affiliation with GK World. Our focus, however, remains on the PC!

May-24-2004: Updated demo for Classroom Chaos and added wallpaper.

May-18-2004: The first release of Classroom Chaos! Demo will be downloadable shortly.

April-23-2004: An error in the Goblin Garden demo installer has been corrected. Please notify us if you encounter any errors in our products; it's troubling that it took months for anyone to bring this to our attention!

April-19-2004: Added Paypal option for Charm School.

April-10-2004: Added new free game, Shoujo Circus.

February-18-2004: Added free screensaver for Charm School - you can find it either by downloading the latest demo or on our downloads page

January-14-2004: Goblin Garden is updated to 1.01, which adds mouse scrolling.

January-10-2004: Here's a little fun for you: The Charm School quiz! Which character are you?

January-08-2004: Special Preview Edition of Goblin Garden now available! Get it while it's cheap!

November-16-2003: Updated version of Sweet Dreams is now available for download.

October-01-2003: Our new game, Sweet Dreams, is now available for free download!

September-04-2003: Charm School 1.2 Demo and Full Version are now available. This is a big upgrade to the graphical interface for the statistics sections. Purchasers of the previous version can contact us for a free download of the new version - please be sure to include the email address and name that the game was originally purchased with.

September-01-2003: New games and links added to the Other Games section.

August-08-2003: Charm School 1.1 Demo now available at both Winsite and Download.com. Charm School regular edition now available for purchase!

August-06-2003: Charm School 1.0 Demo now downloadable from Winsite

August-05-2003: Special Charm School preview offer begins! Buy the preview edition to save 30%!

July-31-2003: Site goes online.

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