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31 Oct 2019: There's a Halloween Sale going on on itch.io until Nov 4. Also, we will be appearing this weekend at AdventureX in London - will we see you there?

28 July 2019: An unboxed reward? The price of Sword Daughter is now $5!

16 Jun 2019: Summer Sale event! Get our games for 60% off on itch.io until Jun 23!

30 May 2019: We have recently started a Patreon! Follow for free to get the latest news on game releases and discounts, or become a patron for access to behind-the-scenes sketches and documents from game development, including alternate artwork that never made it into the games.

20 Mar 2019: If you missed the kickstarter, it is now possible to support Magical Diary: Wolf Hall and take part in playtesting the development builds as they are released.

28 Feb 2019: The Magical Diary kickstarter concluded successfully! Stay tuned for more updates.

12 Jan 2019: Magical Diary: Wolf Hall is now live on Kickstarter!
Click through for more information and to help unlock new features for the game!

23 Dec 2018: Christmas sale! All our games are 60% off on itch.io through December 27th. We're also doing a special bundle offer with Winter Wolves to get two of our games and two of theirs all together for only $20. This deal is valid through Dec 31st!

5 Nov 2018: We've launched a special Magical Diary twitter account for development news. More announcements coming soon!

19 May 2018: Updates in the works - we are currently adding itch.io purchase widgets to our game pages. You can still purchase through BMT Micro if you prefer, but this is a new option that will be easier for some people. More information to be announced later on the mailing list.

1 Jan 2018: New Year's Sale on all titles published by Hanako Games until Jan 5, 2018!

22 Oct 2017: A new update for The Confines Of The Crown is now available. More information available on the forums.

Jul 14 2017: Summer madness sale event until Jul 20, 2017!

Jun 19 2017: New content is now available for England Exchange! If you purchased before this date, contact support for information on a free update to add new romance routes and options.

Apr 19 2017: We are happy to announce the publication of a new title, England Exchange! Study abroad in London with eight possible romance options in this new entry in the Hanabira line.

Dec 16 2016: Christmas sales event! Save up to 60% on selected titles until the end of December 2016.

May 18 2016: We are excited to announce our latest release: A Little Lily Princess! Relive the classic story, now with your choice of six different relationships. May 17 2016: We've carried out a major engine upgrade for Science Girls! You can now choose the power level for your attacks, regain mana on the alien world, and much more.

May 3 2016: Sales event - select games are 50% off until May 9th!

Jan 23 2016: Magical Diary has received a substantial engine upgrade. If you were having trouble before, check out the new demo!

Jan 1 2016: Happy New Year! Remember to sign up to the mailing list for announcements of future sales events.

Dec 21 2015: The Christmas Sale is on! Now through Dec 31, save up to 50% on Hanako Games titles.

Oct 10 2015: Black Closet has just received a free update, adding new faces for the random students, new cases, and more!

Sept 16 2015: Black Closet is now available on Steam! If you already own the game, visit this forum topic for information on getting your free key.

Aug 21 2015: We're holding a back-to-school sale on selected titles until Aug 31st.

May 17 2015: We are excited to announce a new release: Black Closet is now available! Test your detective skills and solve randomly-generated mysteries.

Apr 2 2015: The Royal Trap has now been updated to a new HD version with gorgeous new background art!

Jan 5 2015: We are pleased to announce the release of a new fantasy otome visual novel: Sword Daughter! This is the first entry in our Hanabira games line. Stay tuned for more announcements!

Nov 20 2014: We've freshened up the 'Other Games' page, bringing in some new names and faces for your approval. See anything you like?

Sept 6 2014: The new version of Date Warp is now available - both here and on Steam!

July 3 2014: The special sale has now ended. To keep up-to-date on the latest news and discounts, sign up for our mailing list!

July 1 2014: Special one-day-only sale event!

Mar 21 2014: Science Girls is now available on Steam!

Mar 14 2014: A new version of Science Girls has been released, containing updated graphics and sound. Check out the new demo and let us know what you think!

Jan 03 2014: Happy New Year and thanks to all who took part in our sale! In celebration of our successes in the last year, we have now lowered the price of Date Warp to $9.95. Enjoy!

Dec 24 2013: All non-affiliate games are on sale from now until New Years! No code needed, just put it in your shopping cart and you should see the discount automatically. (For that matter, some affiliate titles are on sale too!) Happy Holidays!

Nov 9 2013: Long Live The Queen is now available on Steam! If you already own a copy purchased from this website, check the Steam Discussion Forums for information on getting your free Steam key.

Oct 15 2013: Long Live The Queen is now available through Good Old Games. In celebration of this release, it is currently on sale for $9.95!

Sept 20 2013: Long Live The Queen has been approved through the Greenlight process and will be available on Steam sometime this year. Stay tuned for more updates!

Aug 12 2013: New forum is up and hopefully working. Please let us know if you have any problems. Some passwords may no longer work after the change; if necessary, use the 'forgot password' tools to get a new one sent to you.

Aug 11 2013: The forums are currently disabled while we switch over to new software. At the moment it looks like we'll be able to import all the old posts, so nothing should be lost. It'll probably be back up tomorrow.

Jun 15 2013: The DVD version of The Royal Trap is now available for mail-order. Along with the normal version, the DVD contains the HD (1440x900) version of the game as well as exclusive concept sketches. If you already own the digital version of the game, you can order the DVD at a discount.

Feb-23-2013: New game released: The Royal Trap!

Jan 30 2013: On vacation for a week; support emails cannot be answered until then. Try the community forums for user questions, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

Dec-20-2012: Massive December Sales Announced! Includes most of our games and a whole lot of others. Seriously, check this out RIGHT NOW!

Oct 14 2012:Long Live The Queen has now been updated to version 1.1, adding collectible chibis for all the death scenes! Registered customers can update for free using your license key - go to Preferences, then Check for Updates.

Sept 1 2012: Are you interested in playing some of our older titles on Steam? Vote for Science Girls and Date Warp on Greenlight in order to help us create re-release versions with updates, new art, and lower prices! New versions will be available for free to existing customers.

June 30 2012: New affiliate game Cinders offers a dramatic modern take on a classic fairytale. Are you an innocent maiden searching for her charming prince, or a vengeful schemer hunting for power? Available for PC and Mac.

June-01-2012: Big news!

Long Live The Queen is now available!

... and that's not all! Magical Diary is now available on Steam! If you have already bought the game direct from us, contact support with your order receipt and we can set you up with a Steam key if you want one.

May-15-2012: Sorry for the long stretch without updates! A *lot* of things have been going on lately, and there will be some big news soon (as well as a new game here next month). Too much to tell you, let me sum up:

Cute Knight Kingdom has been reduced to half-price!

New affiliate game Cherry Tree High Comedy Club (Adorable anime adventure / social RPG)

New affiliate game Loren The Amazon Princess (Fantasy RPG with romances and choice of protagonist)

New affiliate game dUpLicity ~Beyond the Lies~ (Mystery/romance visual novel)

January-20-2012: Happy New Year! There've been a couple of supernatural mystery affiliate games released recently for you to check out - both have to do with ghosts and finding your true identity, and one even includes Japanese voice acting! Check out Cafe 0 ~ Drowned Mermaid and Train Of Afterlife

For more traditional otome romance fans, the new girls' side version of Flower Shop - Winter In Fairbrook is now available.

Meanwhile, if you're interested in hints about our current projects, you should visit the Hanako Games forums!

September-16-2011: The new "Girls Love" expansion for Spirited Heart is now available! Buy it with the original for a discount, or purchase it separately to pursue six cute girls!

August-22-2011: New affiliate game Lucky Rabbit Reflex! Go to a school in England, dress up for Halloween, star in a play, make pancakes for your boyfriend,and much more!

In more technical news, our order forms now accept Amazon Payments for buying games.

Also, you can now buy games as gifts for your friends. Just tick the option on the order form that says "Purchase is for someone else" and fill in their details.

July-21-2011: Check the game links page for two new visual novels! Start your own band in KIRA★KIRA or juggle the needs of two precious girls in Da Capo Innocent Finale!

June-19-2011: New release!

Magical Diary is now available!

May-06-2011: New affiliate otome game, Always Remember Me. Amy's boyfriend lost his memory of her in an accident; can she bring it back?

March-12-2011: New game links on offer, the psychic otome mystery X-Note and the lawyer sim Love & Order.

January-31-2011: Alpha preorders are open for Magical Diary, which is still in development. The Mac and Linux page has been updated to be a simpler but possibly more useful list of titles.

November-06-2010: While supplies last, we're selling CDs of Date Warp! Get yours now!

Also, we have a new affiliate game on offer. Other Age: Second Encounter is a dating adventure in which you summon your 'perfect match' and then try to figure out how to win her heart.

October-08-2010: Yup, updates on the Game Links page again! Cute Knight fans, take a look at Academagia!

August-18-2010: We've updated the Game Links page! Check out the new titles!

July-08-2010: New affiliate games:

June-19-2010: Cute Knight Kingdom is now available in Linux and Macintosh versions.

May-22-2010: New release!

Date Warp is now available!

You can download the demo and visit the forums to find out about special discount offers!

April-24-2010: Experimenting with adding some facebook share/like buttons to the site. If you like these things, please click them! If you hate these things, please tell us!

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