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A Little Lily Princess Logo

a Hanabira production

Original story by:
Frances Hodgson Burnett

Sara Crewe was raised like a princess by her doting Papa, always given the best of everything. Now that she is old enough, she must be sent away to boarding school in a foreign land, relying on her love of books and fairytales to help her make friends.

But not all smiles can be trusted, and fortune can turn cold and hard at any moment. What would happen to a little princess if she lost everything?

A Little Lily Princess Sara Crewe

Free demos available on itch.io

A Little Lily Princess Miss Minchin
Miss Minchin
The stern headmistress
A Little Lily Princess Sara
A dreamer who loves stories
A Little Lily Princess Jessie
Lavinia's best friend
A Little Lily Princess Lavinia
The reigning queen bee
A Little Lily Princess Ermengarde
Struggles with her schoolwork
A Little Lily Princess Lottie
Adorable but somewhat bratty
A Little Lily Princess Mariette
Sara's personal maid
A Little Lily Princess Becky
The timid scullery girl


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System Requirements

Windows: XP or later
Macintosh: 64-bit Intel running OS X 10.6 or higher
Linux: 32-bit compatibility libraries
HDD Storage Required: 150 MB

'A Little Lily Princess' is a Hanabira game product, which means that the story was not originally written by Hanako Games. This adaptation contains both text from the original public domain work and new elaborations.

This game contains same-sex romance, depressive thinking, and some references to unpleasant events in history. It is intended for players age 10 and up.

(c) Hanako Games, 2016