Do you have an anime-themed website? Sell our games to your visitors and earn money. You pay no fees - make a sale and the check's in the mail! Here's how:

Sign Up with BMT Micro

Visit this page to get started. Here you will give them your details and the address to which your money should be sent. Once you are signed up, you will be able to log into the affiliate area.

View the Products List

When your account is ready, log in and select 'Full Products List' from the drop-down menu. This will display all software offered by BMT Micro.

Join Hanako Games

Set the dropdown menu to read Games and Diversions. Now go through the list until you reach the company Hanako Games and click the Join button. You are now a Hanako Games affiliate!

Sell Games!

Now that you are an affiliate, you can click on the Show Links button next to each product. You will see two links - Order and Demo. The Demo link will allow the user to download a playable demo of the game. The Order link will send the user straight to the purchase page when they are ready to buy. But before you send the user there, you need to convince them they want to buy the game!

Take a look around our website. Feel free to borrow any of the graphics and information you see here, or make your own by playing the games! It's up to your salesmanship to earn your commission!