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Who is behind Hanako Games?

Georgina Bensley once had a ColecoVision, and it gave her a lifelong fondness for games that are small and simple but well-designed and fun. Some of her favorites since then include the classic Quest adventure games from Sierra, the never-officially-released Princess Maker, and the excellent Fallout RPG series. She prefers a good story to a twitchy-trigger-finger challenge, and feels that the world does not need yet another 3D action game. She is also a fan of anime, which is reflected in the company name and graphical design of games.

email: owner at hanakogames.com Twitter: HanakoGames Tumblr: falling petals blog: I Whine About Games

Freelance Artists are responsible for the look of some of the creations we present here. If you have talent in the field of anime/manga or pixel art, visit us at deviant art and keep an eye out for job postings when available.

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