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Welcome to Hanako Games! We create downloadable anime and fantasy inspired titles for PC, Mac, and Linux. Some of our most recent releases are displayed above. Please explore the site and try out the free demo versions.

19 April 2024 Forum status: Account registration is now required to read most of the forum content or use the search. This seems to be helping with the resource drain costs, for now. The problem is probably related to AI scrapers.
17 March 2024 Forums are in MAINTENANCE MODE. Due to ongoing bot attacks and mysterious bandwidth spikes, the forum is temporarily disabled while I try to see if that shakes the problem.
21 Dec 2023 End-of-year sales ongoing until Jan 5, 2024! Visit this page for a rundown of the various discounts.
6 Feb 2023 The Magical Diary series is in a special Wizarding School Sale this week!
22 Dec 2022 End-of-year sales ongoing until Jan 5, 2023! Visit this page for a rundown of the various discounts.
19 Dec 2022 Mastodon link now added to website header - future "curation woes" updates will be posted there.
15 July 2022 Long Live The Queen is now available on consoles!
30 June 2022 Summer sales until July 5! Check this page for a breakdown of the various discounts.
01 March 2022 Night Cascades is now available!
31 Aug 2021 Cute Bite is now available!
22 May 2021 Early teaser page added for Night Cascades.
1 May 2021 The fundraising campaign for Cute Bite was successfully concluded. Stay tuned for more development news.
31 March 2021 The Cute Bite Kickstarter is now live!
22 Dec 2020 End-of-year sale roundup! Look here to find out all the best bargains on Hanako Games titles as 2020 reaches its climax.
17 Dec 2020 Removed the mailing list link as that service has now been shut down. Twitter or the Patreon are generally the best place for news updates.
26 Oct 2020 There is now a teaser page in place for Cute Bite, which is in development. No release date yet. Sometime in 2021 we hope!
13 Jul 2020 In an attempt to minimise confusion, all versions of the first Cute Knight, including Deluxe, are now available with a single $5 purchase through itch.io. We may revert to the original $3/$5 split if this causes problems.
17 Feb 2020 Magical Diary: Wolf Hall officially launches today, with a 15% launch discount!
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