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Live a fantasy life!

All the decisions are up to you. Are you a feisty human girl, or a shy elf, or a wicked, bratty demon? Were you raised in the lap of luxury, or hard at work on a farm? Once you're old enough to leave home, will you choose to study dance or magic? When you meet a nice young man, will you tease him mercilessly or become his best friend? Or perhaps it's the girls that you'd like to make friends with? Play a different race/personality type to get different options for interaction!

Earn money, raise skills, and manage your relationships. Will there be wedding bells? Will you be famous?

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This version contains six male characters to pursue.

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This version contains six female characters to pursue.


Ramas - Human Captain

Thofte - Human Farmer

Janimee - Elven Bard

Frebo - Elven Wizard

Mgorem - Demon Mercenary

Yuza - Demon Cook

Ria - Human Tomb Robber

Yana - Human Artist

Thym - Elven Noble

Leah - Elven Tailor

Hade - Demon Genius

Reid - Demon Dancer


Jobs alter your skills

A successful romance!

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This game was created by our affiliate Tycoon Games

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