Games On CD

We produce a small number of hard copies which are primarily intended for sale at anime conventions. However, it is also possible to purchase these discs through mail-order. Game CDs come with decorated box and CD, as well as install files for PC, Mac, and Linux all on the same disc.

Discs are shipped from California, USA. For any purchases shipped to a California address, we are required to charge 8.75% sales tax. For other purchases, the disc price is Long Live The Queen: $10, Magical Diary: Horse Hall: $20, Date Warp: $10, The Royal Trap $20, Cute Knight Kingdom: $10.

Standard shipping for one disc is $5 within the US and $13 international, but we can arrange shipping discounts for multiple discs, or priority shipping services for higher prices.

If you already own the digital version of a game, you can order the disc for only $5 (plus shipping) with your receipt.

Disc payment does not go through BMT Micro. We can accept checks or money orders in US Dollars or British pounds, or Paypal payments. Please contact us first to ensure disc availability and work out a total price. Don't just send money blindly or it may be misfiled!

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